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June 26 2013

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trance = rainbows
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May 23 2013

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Lana ♥
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May 16 2013

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Moz II
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May 14 2013

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May 11 2013

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May issue - with a bumper fashion section is on sale this Thursday!

FREE ‘How to train the ideal riding horse’ supplement with every issue.

William Fox-Pitt looks like he has escaped from Mario Kart (above) as he zooms around on his bike! Look out for him at Badminton (2-6th May) this year - he is fighting to scoop the Grand Slam of eventing after missing his chance last year when Badders was rained off…

Horse&Rider apps

haha amazing!

forever reblog William Fox-Pitt, in a top hat, on a motorbike

I am 210% sure this is my favorite picture of him all time not even one of him on a horse it’s him on this

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May 10 2013

“Don’t drive too fast or someone might think you’re… up to something.”
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